What Are EMS Medical Supplies?


Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) have a lot of medical equipment to carry, but what are EMS medical supplies? The lifesaving equipment is essential for helping an injured person or saving a life, but what exactly do they need? First responder kits, which have no formal definition, consist of emergency medical supplies and personal protective equipment. These supplies can be as simple as medical gloves, gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, and stethoscopes. Medical technicians also need an EMT bag to keep their equipment organized and accessible.
One essential item are the Cardboard Splints, which supports various fracture locations and can be cut or trimmed to fit. This plastic support is waterproof and inexpensive, and it does not obstruct X-rays. EMS supplies for CPR also include the Dyna Med Multipurpose Spine Board with Spider Strap. This EMS-approved board features extra-large handholds, 10 points of attachment, and a 500-pound weight capacity.
Other essential supplies include emergency medical stretchers, which are used for the transportation of a victim. This EMS medical supply must be at least five inches by eight inches and has a sterile valve to facilitate the removal of a patient from a dangerous position. A patient may need airway supplies, including sterile oxygen. An emergency medical kit will include several items to assist with ALS, including oxygen and ALS dressings.
Urinals are another critical emergency medical supply. This lifesaving device is used to deliver fluids and medications to patients. It requires an advanced life support paramedic to use. Usually, these devices are used during patient transfers from hospital to hospital. The rate at which fluids are delivered is controlled by the settings on the device. The emergency services will be notified if the pump fails. So, EMS must have these supplies at hand.
Global-Tec Enterprises, Inc., a reputable provider of EMS medical supplies, is the leading supplier of paramedic supplies. The company is a registered supplier to the Red Cross and the United Nations. Today, the company is under Homeland Security and works closely with the EMS market to ensure the quality of its products. Morrison Medical produces the products for Global-Tec Enterprises, and all of their EMS medical supplies are made in the USA.You can learn more about this topic here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emergency_medical_services.
Safeguard Medical, a global emergency medical technology and training company is donating emergency medical supplies to Haiti. The organization has partnered with Project Hope to donate emergency medical supplies to the country. The company also acquired the Universal Splint product line from Vetrun LLC. Combined, the two companies have donated over $1 million in supplies to the Bahamian health ministry. Further, GMR is donating eight ambulances to the country. The company is also shipping advanced life support equipment to the Bahamian Health Ministry.
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